Revival of Remnants


Artists have always been historically closest ally to nature, environment, landscape, water, air and big fighters against pollution. In such efforts to keeping the environment as virgin and pure they invited the society to enjoy recycling art making it look rather special turned waste into value. Trash remains are seen by artists as spoiling element therefore they often convert it into artistic treasure. Important artists like Lumturi Blloshmi, Ardian Isufi, Vladimir Myrtezai, Saimir Strati (5 times Guinness Records winner for his works with nails, CD-s, wine corks, toothpicks, coffee beans, etc.) have all contributed with their creative work to raising the awareness for the necessary proactive participation of every member of the society in the safeguard of the nature, flora and fauna. The magic of a group of artists who converted metal into living birds and insects inspired GALERIAKALO to exhibit their wonderful artwork in our gallery for sharing with the public. So when Emanuel Koko, Benard Lekgegaj, Erisa Bekteshi, Blegina Hasko Bezo, and Endrit Demiri, (who is a lawyer and not an artist by background), proposed this very interesting exhibition, we accepted to welcome it not simply because it suggests and inspires recycling activity as an important life style today, but mainly for the artistic values each individual work/installation represents. One specific element the concept of this exhibition conveys is the use of living things as the object for artists’ creative mind and hands. Birds, insects, etc. create a paradox when they are put in front of the humans’ activity of daily consumption of goods. The trashes they leave behind every day jeopardize the lives of innocent insects and birds, making some of them extinguish, if not becoming scarce. So the artists in this exhibition somehow use this metaphor in their works