REFLECTIONS & DOGS – Felix Baltzer / “Artist in Residence”

In the ambit of German October 2016 and the bilateral project “Artists in Residence” between Germany and Albania GaleriaKalo in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Honorary Consulate of Albania to the German Federal State of North Rhein Westphalia (NRW) have the pleasure to inviting You to our Fine Arts Exhibition 18 “Reflections & Dogs”, displaying artworks by the German “Artist in Residence” Felix Baltzer.

As many have witnessed and praised, Albania welcomes with love foreigners from any country. It is well-known for its relaxed and undisturbed intercourse through all facettes of life, even for the environment it creates for street dogs. It may be a kind of human indifference but it is quite liked by dogs, who sleep anywhere, in any corner without being noticed. The life of dog streets could not escape the eyes of the German artist Felix Baltzer who was impressed by the deep and sound sleep of the dogs that keep wondering around for shelter and food. Perhaps a reflection of the quiet and relaxed lifestyle of Albanians? The metaphor Felix brings through this 18th exhibition that GALERIAKALO is supporting, illustrates the change, the transformation process Albanian society has undergone in the last two decades.It also reminds us that love constitutes a social value, love we should extend to the shelterless, be them animals or human beings.