NAKEDNESS / 27 April – 7 May

Nakedness often appears as a rather harsh reaction against hurdles, barriers that keep it under pressure. Usually barriers are of a phsycological nature.

Before communicating with conscience, the nakedness in art deals with senses. The works selected under the theme “Nakedness” bring together 10 artists in this 28th exhibition at GALERIKALO. The theme is rather conceptual as it mainly using symbols and techniques that lead to the understanding of underlying concept. But as a matter of fact, although it seems more connected with the senses, the nakedness approaches, touches the mind and puts the concienseness, the intellect in motion. Full of symbols that interact with each-other, the arworks explode and become of a declarative, appealing nature..thus allowing the artists to enjoy and exercise their right to experiment through provocative symbols…and it excatly in this point that the prejudices start taking place!