Andi Spahia – 21 June – 10 July

It is not an easy undertaking to organize a solo exhibition. It requires converging the taste of a collector or artist, with that of the public, so it needs a good reasoning behind.

GALERIAKALO decided to open this solo personal exhibition with works of Andi Spahia – a promising painter – being convinced that this selection from his works, with the Mediterranean atmosphere and colors it conveys, where blue, red and yellow prevail, predominate, will be welcomed by the public.

We were encouraged to decide to promote Spahia’s artworks in this exhibition also following the very positive feedback and comments received a year ago, when his paintings – part of our collection – were posted periodically on the GALERIAKALO Facebook.

The artist has tried to bring elements of the urban development through colors. As well he is using elements like tram as if he wants to remind us of streets in Paris, or other Mediterranean developed cities, but, in parallel, he has taken care of keeping traditional elements of buildings intact, as typical for a Mediterranean urban environment, such as umbrellas, chairs, roofs, and the great pleasure of people to sit outside and chat in restaurants and cafés.
So, the artist tends to not agree to be a victim of the urban complex problems, and be a critic like many other peers, but rather elects to promote architectural values of the Mediterranean developed countries. In the meanwhile, he puts in the center of his artworks communication between humans, as well as colors of the umbrellas, the loneliness that the empty chairs signify, such emptiness suggested by him intentionally.

Spahia does not forget to pay attention to the sky, the sea and the flowers, even to the gardens, treated like small corners, thus meaning to say that without them Mediterranean would not make any sense. Those three elements bring indeed the Mediterranean spirit, as treated through solid colors and elegant coordination skills. Those elements give not only aesthetic pleasure, but also makes one feel as indeed involved in the real atmosphere, created on case to case basis, through the oil on canvas.