“in the middle of nowhere” – Tirana

Bus stops by Michael Kruscha

Michael Kruscha is a German artist with a particular focus and interest on photography.
He published an art-book last year, where series of photographs show bus stops which he found while traveling over many years.
Kruscha photographed mainly bus stops “in the middle of nowhere”, in places where you wonder if someone will arrive or depart.

Kruscha’s pictures show his prime interest on the rural areas where you can find original constructions, glitzy prefab objects with advertising pictures.

Deserted and left behind, these bus-stops appear to be attractive landmarks to a traveler.
His photos try to show the enormous variety of architectural styles and constructions that exist in different countries, from iron sculptures, wooden or mud-brick shelters, tin-roof huts, to monstrous concrete constructions, etc. They manifest different cultures, document the time that shows their age.
They are places where time stands still and every single shelter tells its own story