Communication / A selection of artworks from exhibitions organized in three years by GALERIAKALO / 15 – 30 November

A quote by Eugene Delacroix drew our attention so as to put the title of this exhibition. Delacroix said that “A picture is nothing but a bridge between the soul of the artist and that of the spectator”.

Indeed, looking back three years from now, the identification and emphasis of communication of the artists with the public through their artwork used to be the main reasons why FONDACIONI KALO and GALERIAKALO were founded by our family, as a logical step towards institutionalization of art collection process. In the three years of their life, both structures worked really hard to create a new reality in Tirana, a new special art corner, perfectly located as a new neighbor adjacent to University of Tirana, University of Arts and FAB Gallery.

We recall the warm congratulations extended by the Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro, the former Ambassador of the U.S. to Albania, Alexander Arvizu and many other ambassadors, government officials, and business representatives who attended to the grand opening of GALERIAKALO on 12 November 2014, through the first exhibition POWER OF RED sponsored by VODAFONE. It was one of the most crowded events GALERIAKALO hosted in three years.

Thanks to the support of the Albanian Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Albanian Embassies in France, Holland and Slovenia; the Embassies of Austria, Australia, Germany, Poland, Switzerland to Albania; financial institutions like Alpha Bank, Societe Generale, Tirana Bank, Union Bank, AK-Invest; corporations like Vodafone, Tirana Business Park, KONTAKT; Council of Europe, and Judge Ledio Bianku, in Strasbourg; Foundation for Albanian Visual Arts (FAVA), we managed to host over 30 exhibitions in Albania and abroad, where around 900 artworks were displayed and 200 artists from Albania, Austria, Australia, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Poland, Serbia have been promoted.

We also supported various categories of artists by adopting and implementing the inclusive art concept in practice.

The number of so many exhibitions within 36 months can be considered as a fantastic track record. It shows commitment and dedication by our family, but also the importance of private initiatives in developing an art market in countries where it is almost inexistent.

Another added value GALERIAKALO built during its function, is a modest library where interesting artbooks and catalogues from Austria, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Serbia, Sweden, United Kingdom, U.S., etc. can be offered to art students as well as the public at large.

We have to say, though, that the cost of maintaining an art gallery as an asset for the public good is much higher than what a non-for profit private initiative can provide. Indeed, we have been able to obtain support from the aforementioned contributors for specific items that each exhibition requires, and also by several art collectors or admirers who have acquired artworks from our collection, but would like to take the opportunity of this anniversary to kindly ask relevant institutions that should promote and support art, like the Municipality of Tirana, National Gallery of Arts, University of Arts, etc. to look more closely to private initiatives in the art sector as important partners and try to find ways out to offer their cooperation and incentives.

We will, for certain, continue to play a role in promoting our art values by giving more chances to young artists and would like to announce today that FONDACIONI KALO will create a special prize – “BUZA”- a considerable financial contribution, to be awarded to one of the students from the Fine Arts Faculty of University of Arts, selected by a special procedure.

Finally, the selection of the artworks displayed in this special exhibition was made by an ad hoc commission composed of three wonderful ladies from Germany, Singapore and Switzerland who live here for several years and a well-known Albanian art scholar and critic. They all have been close friends of GALERIAKALO and artists and ran a process of evaluation of all exhibitions and picked up one piece from each one, to form what is usually called ‘Best Of’.