Comfort/Discomfort, Idlir Koka, 4 – 20 April, displaying selected works from KALO COLLECTION

Analyze objects through their disintegration – this is an approach that the Albanian contemporary artist, Idlir Koka, adopts to examine and explore details of various objects, circumstances and feelings. He uses dismantling of objects for understanding them, their functions, symbols and senses they contain and convey.

In other words, the objects are disintegrated into pieces to reach more easily in their inside.

Koka does this disintegration exercise with several objects. Of preferred objects are armchairs. What he wants to discover in them is the comfort armchairs are supposed to offer.

The way he depicts them seems that his conclusion is that armchairs are not always “friendly”.
Sometimes they show discomfort, as seating and remaining seated can be comfortable for a short while, but if you stay longer, you feel discomfort, fear from intrigues, zeal, etc. as armchairs are often symbol of power – they are made for people who while seated exert power. This is perhaps the reason why Koka’ s armchairs are always empty.