AUSTRIANS AT HEART – Exhibition by Jutta Benzenberg / 23 May – 11 June 2017

Jutta Benzenberg graduated for photography from Photodesign State University in Munich. She has worked as a photographer for different magazines, theatre and TV channels.

In 1991 she travelled across Albania and captured Albanian portraits and landscapes in those turbulent times. Jutta Benzenberg is co-author with Ardian Klosi (19..-200.) of 3 books about Albania. “Albanisches Überleben”, “Sombre Beauty” and “Ahead with the Past”.

Jutta has had exhibitions on Albanian themes in Albania, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Latin America, Montenegro, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia and USA.

While living in Munich she continues photographing in Albania for a project titled “Religion in Albania.”

“Austrians at heart” are descendants of Austrian women who married Albanian men during 20s and 30s and lived in Albania The fates of the descendants of Austrian emigrants are numerous, moving and often tragic. The communist regime made many “Austrians at heart” suffer due to persecution and discrimination.