Albania through a lens – Adam Lazowski – Tirana

TIRANA, Jan. 20 – A photo exhibition by Adam Lazowski, Professor of EU Law at the University of Westminster, London, opened on January 19, 2016 at the Kalo Gallery in Tirana. Sponsored by the Union Bank and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the photo exhibition will stay open until the end of February, while all pictures will go for sale once the exhibition is over. Attended by several public figures as well as by the Ambassador of Poland in Tirana, Marek Jeziorski, the exhibition coincides with a publication of a book by Dudaj Publishing.
Lazowski explained during his opening speech that both the exhibition and the book are titled ‘Albania through a lens’, instead of ‘Albania through the lens’ because he wants the viewer to create their own version of the story behind each photo, and that is why all photos exhibited had only the title on the walls, not the whole story behind them.


Besides inviting everyone to see Albania through a lens, Lazowski asked everyone attending the opening to slow their lives down a little in order to see the beauty that surrounds them. He continued saying that some ten years ago, he had noticed that whenever he held a camera on his hand, he was able to see more. “It can be an old person waiting for a bus, an animal relaxing in the sun or hiding from rain, a powerful cloud over my head or even a reflection in window,” Lazowski said, continuing by saying that photos show way more when they are deprived of their colours.

“They leave much more to the imagination and, quite metaphorically, allow us to see more. They are not like the flashy technicolor pictures we would otherwise merely flick through. To appreciate them we have to linger- and even then, they leave stories untold,” he explained.

Among the story examples he gave were the pictures titled Freedom, Ave Maria, Gate, When we’re gone, and It’s gonna be alright which shows two little children looking at the sea. Lazowski said that as he was listening to a song by Phil Collings called Come with me, he immediately thought about the two kids looking at the sea.

In his photo collection, which was taken over the last six years in Albania, Lazowski has tried to capture the Albanian nature, and the ordinary people. “You will come across all generations in the midst of their everyday struggle or, on better days, enjoying simple pleasures of life. I am also fascinated by how countries deal with their past (proud or less so) and this, too, is reflected in this exhibition and the book,” Lazowski said while concluding that he hopes his photos will make people realize how beautiful we all are.

Author of several books, papers, and articles, Adam Lazowski obtained a Master’s Degree in 1999 and a PhD in 2001 from the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw. Between 1999 and 2003, he lectured at the University of Warsaw, and worked as a senior researcher in European law at the T.M.C between 2003 and 2005. Since 2006 Lazowski works at the University of Westminster in London, where he is a professor of EU law.