FONDACIONI KALO and GALERIAKALO act in full compliance and respect to, the legal framework in Albania, in particular those on visual arts and decisions of the Board of Trustees.

Their mission is to promote art in general and Albanian art and artists in particular, such mission to be achieved through:

-      Continued collection of paintings, sculptures, and new media;

-      Organization of exhibitions of works from own collection, but also other works, including works by foreign artists;

-      Participation in exhibitions of other galleries or institutions;

-      Conclusion of Loan arrangements in Albania and/or overseas;

-      Promotion of projects dedicated to inclusive or recycled art and other concepts that converge with its philosophy;

-      Support of researches and publications on art matters and educate visitors or friends of GALERIAKALO with art topics, including through social networks;

-      Undertaking of projects in support of improvement of legislation related to art to increase the interest of businesses and public at large to invest in art and art programs;

-      Embrace initiatives that support young artists to benefit scholarships for studies in art schools in Albania and/or overseas;

-      Organization of any other activities that contribute to an increasing role of the art in the life of the society.