Lumturi Blloshmi

She was born in 1944 in Tirana, Albania. After graduated for painting at the Art Academy in Tirana, she worked in several cultural institutions, most recently at the Institute of Cultural Monuments in Tirana.

The irony, sarcasm, humor is not lacking in happiness Blloshmi avant-garde paintings. It creates in all situations, no matter how difficult they may be, opposing bitter reality with all its creative and emotional forces.

In Blloshmi female nudes paintings, realized in the early 90s, taking nuances crystal and marble, is not difficult to discern that she herself is the perfect model.

Her works were regularly exposed before ’90, but in the years 1975- 1985 the regime banned the exhibitions of her works. Even after, her paintings often turned away to avoid being exposed. But she continued to work harder without being discouraged.

With the same rhythm after the ’90s, she has exposed her works, but with the only difference that relates to the implementation of an increasing number of personal exhibitions, in Albania and abroad.