Kol Idromeno

(1860 – 1939)

He was an Albanian painter, sculptor, photographer, architect and engineer.

He was born in Shkodra, where he learned the first elements of photography from Pietro Marubi. In 1876 he stayed for some months at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia,, and then worked in the studio of an Italian painter. When back in Albania in 1878, he engaged himself in a number of different activities, working as an architect, sculptor, photographer, scene-painter, engineer and painter. He was the initiator of the first art exhibition in Shkodër in 1923 and was represented in the first national art exhibition in Tirana (1931).

He established a very active photographic studio. Idromeno was the first painter to show motion pictures in Albania in 1912. He had kept up a correspondence with the Lumière brothers in Paris.

His most well known work is Motra Tone. He was the first landscape painter in the modern Albanian painting school (Courtyard of a House in Shkodra) and pioneered realistic secular painting. His works were represented in international exhibitions, for example, in Budapest, Austria–Hungary (1900) and New York, United States (1939).

His works are held in the Mezuraj Museum, Tirana. He is referred as Michelangelo of Albania.