Jorgji Gjikopulli

Was born in 1939 Dhërmi, Albania. Graduated in 1964 at the Artistic Lyceum “Jordan Misja” in Tirana and in 1969 at the Art Academy of Tirana, he started to work for a year as a docent at the National Art Gallery. Until 1982 he was Inspector at the Culture and Education Ministry.

Being Professor at the Academy of Art in Tirana for almost 26 years, until 2006, didn’t stop him from creating. In 1999 he opened a solo exhibition at the National Art Gallery. In 2014 he returns with another solo exhibition in Tirana and in 2015 with the exhibition “Identities” in Shkodra Gallery.

There’s something that brings together all his works, before and after the ’90s, the colors and the ways he plays with them.

Many of his works are found in private collections in Albania, France, Greece, England, USA, Turkey and Algeria. Twelve of his works are part of the National Art Gallery in Tirana Albania.