Genti Korini

Born in 1979 in Tirana, Albania, he studied painting at University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania and graduated with an M.A, in Graphic Design and Painting at the University of Arts, Tirana.

His selected exhibitions include “There Is No Place Like Home” at Galeria Contemporaneo, Venice, Italy in 2007, same year the “Ephemeral Structures” at the National Gallery of Art in Tirana. In 2013 he was in Romania for the exhibition “The Object and It’s Background” in Jecza Gallery, Timisoara. In 2014 he opened the exhibition “Fragile Sense of Hope” in Collectors Room, Berlin, Germany.

He constructs the modernist agenda of image and medium in his paintings and photographs. His works are architectural and painterly while retaining their abstract essence. The architecture of the Albania’s capital Tirana is primary inspiration behind Korini’s work.