Edmond Gjikopulli

Born in 1967 in Vlora, Albania. He graduated in 1986 from the Artistic Lyceum “Jordan Misja” and in 1990 from the Art Academy in Tirana. During the years of art studies he worked under the guidance of some of the best Albanian painters: Hasan Nallbani, Gazmend Leka And Sali Shijaku. After his first debut as a professional in the “Spring ’92” National Exhibition, in 1993 he opened his first personal exhibition at the National Art Gallery with impressionist, surrealist symbolist paintings.

In 1998 he leaved Albania and spent four years in Greece. After his return in Tirana, he was a Pedagogue in Academy of Arts, Tirana.

In 2002 Gjikopulli opened his personal exhibition in Tirana, and then, in 2003 in Athens, Greece and another one in 2007 named “The Colors of Innocent”.

In 2015 he opened an exhibition divided in two parts with works that represent his artistic life. The first part was called “Return in the Idol’s Museum”, represented by works before the ’90s and the second part “Juxtaposition” with his latest works.