Edi Rama

Was born in 1964. The son of the sculptor Kristaq Rama, he was a successful painter throughout the 1990’s, while a professor at the Academy of Arts of Albania. At the time Rama published a book with various notes together with publicist Ardian Klosi, entitled “Refleksione”.

Back in the 90s, the works of Rama were exhibited in New York City, France and Berlin.

He has had several personal painting exhibitions, in New York’s Janos Gallery in 1993, Frankfurt’s Palais Jalta in 1997, and other venues in Europe and America.

In 2009, he published a book compiling selected notes and paintings called “Edi Rama”.

After he was elected Prime Minister of Albania in 2013, he opened a solo exhibition in 2015 in Germany and later in 2016 in Naples, Italy.