Beatrice De Saint Jean

She was born in 1963 in Germany. Her artistic vocation started early. She organized her first exhibition at the age of twelve at Grenoble hospital. In 1981, she entered the School of Fine Arts in Nîmes. After graduation, she set up a studio in Guadeloupe, Saint-Claude, where she worked with the children. Her paintings are then filled with sun and colors. They reflect the exuberance of the vegetation and the charms of the island properties. Beatrice returns to Provence, Avignon. It was then that her own style begins to hatch. The subjects of her paintings are varied. But a theme dear to Beatrice was that of the Virgin and Child.

Five years later she moved to Nice, where began to lovs religious matters to the point of making her favorite theme. In Africa, where she spent a year, Béatrice Saint John continues her quest with the subject of her paintings of mothers with children from all over the world. Back in France, she moved to Neuilly and began a new stage. Her canvases are painted with both hands simultaneously. They are indeed vibrations.

In 2009 she moved to Albania, until 2013, where she continued to work in the field of abstract art.

In 2014 she went to Ivory Coast, still exploring new horizons.