They say, “Do things you love before it is too late”.

For some years now I have been contemplating whether our family would be able to do something to support artistic values, which contribute significantly to the culture and patrimony of a country. This ceremony happening today is a testimony that such aspiration came true.

The last two decades have not been easy for us in Albania. Passion and strength in what professionals and others have done were so necessary to survive the storms and turbulence! The presence of art, we have come to understand, can bring peace or can disturb, but whatever its effect, it can imbue all it affects with strength to withstand the storms, the turbulence, and fill the soul with optimism. For that reason, I managed to forge a bond between the legal profession, I had the privilege and pleasure to practice, and the so much admired art profession!

This opening ceremony is the next step in the process of strengthening of that bond. I am almost certain that the inspiration of art has made an enormous contribution to the success of KALO & ASSOCIATES, celebrating the 20th anniversary of its foundation as a law firm. Hundreds of works of art hanging on the walls of our offices have enlightened and uplifted us from morning until late [at times far into the night] with the ideas they express through shapes, colors and textures.

Now this more formal, institutional step to promoting art is an important milestone not only for me personally, but also for my family. I am happy and proud that Ardjana (my life and business partner for the last two decades) and my children, Eni, Juna and Martin, have supported me throughout the process of conceiving this initiative and bringing it to fruition through the establishment of our family’s foundation that will be supporting art.

Përparim KALO,

Grand opening speech

Tirana, 12 November 2014