GALERIAKALO promotes visual art through exhibitions of artworks. Exhibitions are sponsored or supported by FONDACIONI KALO, the law firm KALO & ASSOCIATES, Australian Embassy, Austrian Embassy, German Embassy, Swiss Embassy, Alpha Bank, Vodafone, Tirana Business Park, Societe Generale, New York University of Tirana, AK-INVEST, Tirana Bank, Union Bank, etc. Exhibitions display works from own collection, but also from other galleries or directly from modern and contemporary Albanian and foreign artists. 

The philosophy of FONDACIONI KALO and its vehicle, GALERIAKALO, is not only to promote art and artists, but also to contribute to the education of the society, especially the youth, with the art values and improvement of fine arts legal framework and the establishment of an art market in Albania. 

GALERIAKALO has a special focus on inclusive art, and supports especially young emerging artists, and recycled art.

Current Exhibitions

Current, Upcoming
Analyze objects through their disintegration – this is an approach that the Albanian contemporary artist, Idlir Koka, adopts to examine…